Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wondering where to go for lunch?

So if you are like me you are sitting at home wondering where should I go for lunch today? I am so sick of Kneaders and Cafe Rio, well girlfriends, this is a delightful spot to try out. It is a luncheon-boutique called Food for Thought. Fun food and Things. Located in Draper, 12640 South Fort St.


Stephanie Cameron said...

You always know the yum-mo-iest places! I want to try it!

Krysta said...

Fun blog! I am one of those addictive bloggers. I'll have to check babk in!

Melissa said...

Hey Jocelyn! It's fun to see that you blog too! It is such a fun way to catch up with people. We need to get together sometime! It sounds like you know some yummy places to eat. I will send you an e-mail on facebook!