Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What I am reading...(well, ONE of the books I am reading)

So my friend Stephanie gave me a book by David Sedaris. I quote, "David Sedaris, frequently called "the funniest man alive," has developed a unique brand of personal, self-deprecating humor that has touched a chord with readers, listeners, and fellow writers." Now, I personally have never heard of him. Stephanie is an English Major so maybe she is just some uber awesome book selector, but I probably should have heard of him. I think he is kind of a big deal, maybe? I love to read. But I guess I am not all-knowing. Anyway, he is freaking hillarious and I am loving my read so I am recomending it to all!

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Stephanie Cameron said...

I hope you do love it and become a David Sedaris groupie like me!! Call me when you get to the part that makes the title make sense. You won't be able to speak due to your intense laughter!