Friday, July 31, 2009

Pop on in to Paisley Poppy

If you live near The District in South Jordan you may have been in to Paisley Poppy. If you have never heard of it, they have Vintage Jewelry & Gifts, Purses, Mirrors, Jewelry, Interior Design, Gift Cards, Fragrances, Decorative Lamps, Custom Florals, Classy Home Comforts, Candles, Bath Soaps, Antiques, Furniture and other fun stuff. I love it! You can get a 25% first time purchase discount too! It is on of my new favorite treasure spots. I am trying to choose from some wallpaper from there for my piano room, pics to come soon and I will have a vote. They also have all these different tassles that you can put on lamps, doors, drawer pulls, over vases ot urns, curtains rods/pulls, they are so interesting!

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