Saturday, July 18, 2009

Possibility” is defined as the condition or fact of being possible; something that could happen. But in reality, most people don’t explore their possibilities. The reasons for this are many, but could include: fear of failure, low self-confidence and lack of motivation. If you don’t believe that something is possible, you usually don’t try to accomplish it. Thinking that you can’t do something is what keeps most people from realizing their hopes and dreams. Those that do press the envelope and test their possibilities often find new abilities and self-confidence, and as a result, can reinvent themselves in the process.
Most people don’t realize that possibilities abound and are easily attainable. The people who stay curious, are engaged in life and explore their possibilities have a greater chance of realizing their goals. I’m reminded of a song titled “A Hazy Shade of Winter” recorded by Simon and Garfunkel. Here’s how the song begins:

Time, Time, Time, see what's become of me,
While I look around, for my possibilities,

The song is really about the passage of time. Time, as you know, seems to pass very quickly as we get older. As I think about that first line in that song - Time, Time, Time, see what’s become of me - I wonder what’s become of ME over time. Or perhaps the more important question is: What will become of me as time moves forward? Of course, only time will tell. But if you believe in yourself and explore your possibilities with passion, self-confidence and an open mind, your future may just become the springtime of your life and not become a hazy shade of winter.

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