Friday, February 26, 2010

The Person of your Tomorrow

"Within you the person of your tomorrow is struggling to get out. AWAKEN YOUR HOPES within and the gifts within you ready to be brought forth. These gifts are free, but the success and happiness they bring must be brought forth through effort, commitment and DISCIPLINE. It is FAITH, not reason, that will be your guide. Your person of tomorrow will be determined by how you see with FAITH-FILLED eyes ToDaY. Through faith you will see a vital emerging mAgNiFiCeNt YoU. You are writing your life story.
~Words and Wisdom of Mary Kay Ash

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Anthropologie Bedding~ where have you been all my life?

So I realize a lot of people probably already know of this gem, but I have only glanced in the store or in a catalog at Anthropologie's bedding, (I usually look at clothes or jewelry or knick knacks) well I finally went online after going in there last weekend with Steph and Aaaaahhhh! (that's ah! as in angels singing, not ah! I just saw a mouse) I have finally found bedding I like that I have so long been searching for my room! (even if it is quite pricey, it is still doable I think)

Happy Heart Day!

After Boston's birthday party, Jane had her Valentine's Party. We told Boston to kiss Jane on the cheek, but they just went for it!

Stephanie's saint of a mom babysat the kids and we went to Thaifoon-yummo!!! and to see Valentines Day-so cute of a movie I thought. I am getting more and more into sappy love shows lately. Go figure!

Boston's 5th Birthday Party....Star Wars style!

So Boston's party was a little, late, but since we were in Disneyworld and I promised him he could have a friends party, better late than never! He has wanted a Star Wars party for a while and the past birthdays have just been family and friends of the family and we have gone somewhere, but this time, I was excited to do the whole mom thing and put together a party. It is so easy with all the ideas online. I just got Clone Wars invites from Target. We invited 9 kids, 8 came, so I had 9 4-5 year olds total running around my small house! It was crazy fun! Instead of a cake, I made a light saber out of cupcakes. This could have been so much better with jumbo cupcakes and better frosting job, but ya know, I'm pretty basic sometimes. (BTW I did want to make little jedi robes for eveyone, but just ran out of ambition, and time.
I decorated iwth just blue streamers and blue, black, and silver balloons. We put Star Wars toy ships everywhere too.
While we were waiting for everyone, we had Star Wars music blasting and they just colored and did coloring activities and Satr Wars sticker pages. Everyone got their picture taken in front of the big Darth Vader and Yoda cut-outs, and could wer a mask if they wanted.
We had an Astroid Treasure hunt where I just wrapped candy in tinfoil and hid it everywhere. Then we played Star Wars Bingo.

We had Padawan Pizza and Chewbacca Soda (rootbeer)
We did LightSaber Training, first they had to keep a balloon in the air with their light sabers and then Aaron showed them moves and told them about Star Wars fighting stuff, and he put on Boston's Darth Vader helmut and the kids got to defeat him with their moves. Each child got a Jedi Training Certificate that they loved! We had enough light sabers for everyone to borrow one, I saw on a blog someone made lightsabers out of pool noodles cut in half and duct tape/electric tape, and the kids got to keep them. I thought this was the greatest idea since gravy, but alas, it is February and no stores had pool noodles yet and I didn't have time to go online. Anyway...

We watched Clone Wars and had Han Solo figures frozen in ice that they had to melt (like in the movie when he is frozen in carbonite or whetever) I had another game planned for outside but it was cold and raining.
Present Time! We played the Cantina Song and "hot Potato" game present opening.

With our cupcakes, instead of ice cream I made Yoda Soda, which was just sprite, then green ice cubes frozen out of green Kool-aid(my moms idea, so cute)
The kids ahd Clone Wars goodie bags I just got at Target, and in it was Zots candy, Pop Rocks, War Heads, colorful yummy flavored "lightsaber" candy sticks, "lightsaber" glow sticks, a Star Wars PEZ, and clone wars sticker sheets I just got at Target too. Then they got their Jedi certificate and a balloon. Way fun! Boston sort of was pouty sometimes and had a mini-melt-down, but overall he loved it and I was glad to have pulled off the first of many friends parties.
P.S. Do not compare my party to this one at Party Perfect! It is awesome! But mine was too for me, one day... one day...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

When you Wish Upon a Star

Here is more Disneyworld! We ate at Epcot German's Bier Gartens and this is Brock rockin' out to the dudes playing live music in their leiderhosen. We ate their becuase Opa (Brock's middle name sake) is from Germany. It was fun.
Bos and Marty at Epcot
Bos at all the Nemo fish. Turtle Talk with Crush was the cutest thing, but they seperate the kids from the parents and Bos had a mini melt down but once I went down and sat with him he enjoyed it.

Brock's favorite was seeing all the brids and ducks out everywhere!
We made Boston go on the Dinosaur ride. He didn't like ie. I admit, it was pretty scary!
Brock finally started walking on our trip besides more than a few steps!
For Boston's Birthday we went to Chef MIckeys and it was way fun and pretty yummy. Brock wasn't too sure about the characters, from a distance they were ok, but if they came and touched him at all he went into hysterics.

For his birthday Grandma got him a build your own light saber and he chose it to look like Darth Maul and had so much fun and the worker lady was very helpful and cute with him. Star Tours was definately Boston's favorite ride!

For Bos's birthday dinner we went to T-Rex Cafe in Downtown Disney. It was awesome!