Wednesday, May 26, 2010

These are a Few of my Favorite Things

One of my favorite things in my house is this iron birdcage I have above my kitchen cabinets, it is so fun to trade out decor with the season and spice it up.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sunday at Grandma's

Janele, Marty and Carla took pictures of the boys last Sunday outside at Grandmas. Pay no attention to how absolutely FILTHY my kiddos are!

The Pioneer Woman

Don't you just love her, the total queen of blog land? She is so awesome and I love her site, her ideas, her recipes, wow. Here is what she is cooking up now:
Grilled Chicken and Pineapple Quesadillas
Here’s what you need: Flour Tortillas, Monterey Jack Cheese, Pineapple, Cilantro, Chicken Breasts, and Barbecue Sauce…and whatever spices you’d like to use to spice up the chicken. For the rest of the recipe go here. I love it because she always shows you step by step photos!

Disney Hips Up

Okay...these are too freakin' adorable huh?!

Raspberry Refresher

At my Domestic Divas night a few weeks ago we had this yummiest drink that I had to share! It is so simple, just frozen rasberries, a 2 liter of Squirt, and a container of frozen White Grape Raspberry juice. It is so easy-peasy, and oh so delishee? (Okay that was a lame rhyme, but you get the idea) I made it for mothers day. FYI it tastes extra, well, tasty, if you have Sonic-type ice in your glass like Shanelle did. Enjoy!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Dream a little Dream...

...that this collage wall and room was in my house! Luvin' it! You gotta zoom in and look at all the details!

MAY VT Message

Favorites from April General Conference

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Enjoy Being a Girl!

I had a great Mother's Day. My MIL had to work and my own mommy dearest was in DC for work. I was sad, but also enjoyed being the star mother of the day, so to speak! I did cook my own dinner, but I wanted to. Just a crock-pot roast and the goods. Boston made me darling stuff at school and church and in his primary class I got to participate in a fun game where 3 moms, one being me, stood behind a curtain and the kids asked questions assigned. Boston got to ask me a question, it was how tall are you? I said I was "five eight" not sure he even knows what that means, but whatever. And then I was asked a few other questions from other kids. At one point I heard Boston say "My mom is not up there!" Another child actually guessed it was me. The other 2 moms with me had their own children guess them right! But Boston was so surprised and they had him come up to the front and he gave me the biggest hug and would not let go! He was so sweet, it was fun. As I was going to bed I found a hand made card from Aaron (I told him to not give me a gift because I didn't want to spend money) It was so sweet! The front he drew stick figures of him, me and the boys and it said: "Who Has the Bestest Family?" you open it: "We Do! We Do! All thanks to you! Thanks mom you're the bestest Love Aarink (his dad calls him that) Thanks for being a great Mom. If you ever doubt that just look how awesome the boys are, all because of your great mothering. Yes please! (that is an inside joke) Love ya"
I love Rhonna Farrer

"Someone's been sleeping in my bed...

...but it wasn't me on this past Saturday! My friend and I participated in the GOLDILOCKS bike ride. We biked a total of 18 miles! Go us! (Even if we did break for lunch during it) It was way fun and we even got a medal! So cute! We didn't even get to train that much because the weather has been so stinkin cold and rainy! Plus, oh ya, I didn't know how to ride a bike when we started! Yes, yes of course I did once in a time long long ago, but I had forgotten! What they say about "it's like riding a bike you never forget" Uh Ya actually you do! It was a rought start and I felt totally stupid, but only for the first day or two. Now I am pro, well not really, but I must say I rocked my 20 year old Schwinn! And yes it isn't a street bike, but so what?! So here I am in all my glory, do I look like a dork or what?! I know!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Boston was in awe...

at the Comic Book store! They had a big event with Star Wars bounty hunter guys, cool comics and toys. He went with his dad and they also went to the Toy Store and to this big animal adoption thing to look at animals. It was fun for them!

Happy Birthday to ME!

PF Changs for dinner with my mom and bro. Yum-o! Brock loved the chopsticks...and the Dairy Queen Cake my mom got me! Good times! I had a faaaabulous birthday. Aaron got me flowers and a sweet card and a huge Pureology Conditioner, a King size Watchamacalit, and Oma and Opa gave me some money that I bought some clothes with. Brad and Michelle got me a nice card and cash that I got paint and craft stuff. My mom gave me a CD, Uchtdorf book and a card and money that I got my hair done with, love her. Steph gave me a purse, some darling bird plates, some stationary stuff for MK, and a necklace. Too good to me! She's the best. Janel and Marty were so kind as to get me a cute home item and some flower pins from her store. Debby got me an awesome fountain for my backyard, and a Pier One Gift Card. She is so thoughtful too. YAY!!!