Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

PF Changs for dinner with my mom and bro. Yum-o! Brock loved the chopsticks...and the Dairy Queen Cake my mom got me! Good times! I had a faaaabulous birthday. Aaron got me flowers and a sweet card and a huge Pureology Conditioner, a King size Watchamacalit, and Oma and Opa gave me some money that I bought some clothes with. Brad and Michelle got me a nice card and cash that I got paint and craft stuff. My mom gave me a CD, Uchtdorf book and a card and money that I got my hair done with, love her. Steph gave me a purse, some darling bird plates, some stationary stuff for MK, and a necklace. Too good to me! She's the best. Janel and Marty were so kind as to get me a cute home item and some flower pins from her store. Debby got me an awesome fountain for my backyard, and a Pier One Gift Card. She is so thoughtful too. YAY!!!


Jason said...

You should get older every day! You made out like a bandit! Happy birthday to you!

Jason said...

oops...that was Stephanie saying that btw, lol!