Thursday, August 6, 2009

Words of Wisdom from Boston, age 4

The UPS guy comes to our door and Boston yells, "Mom! The PBS guy is here!
"Mom, I love you all the way to Santa Claus, Heavenly Father and Buzz Lightyear!"
Boston do you like BYU? Boston: "no, I like the good guys, not the bad guys!"
"Mom, does Jesus come down the chimney too like Santa?"
My moms friend Katrina was in town from Colorado and they were all somewhere and were babysitting Boston and someone asked Katrina "So what brings you to Utah?" and she said my mom Julie, so later in the car he says to Katrina "So what brings you to Utah?" and Katrina says to Boston, "So what brings you to Utah?" He says "my mom....actually Heavenly Father brings me here"
He was using some of my shampoo and says "I like this shampoo it smells like spirit mint!"
We had to pull in to a handicapped parking space for one minute while quickly doing something and Boston yells "Why are we parking here guys? We aren't handis!"
At Christmas time any time Boston would open a gift that wasn't a toy, like say clothes or books, he would throw it to the side yelling, "boring!"
His favorite word right now is "actually" everything is "actually this, actually that..."
Aaron was driving and pointed out they are building a new In n Out Burger in Draper and asked Boston if he had been there. He said, "duh Dad, yes" Aaron "Where?"(Thinking he would say Las Vegas) Boston: "In heaven! They have those!"
Boston to his dad while playing: "Why do I love you so much?!"
We were driving in the car and I told Boston to say a prayer that we didn't run out of gas. He goes"I've got it taken care of mom" I say"how?" He says the force and holds his hands up, so I am like okay and we are driving, about 10 minutes pass and I hear "I don't think I can take this much longer!" I look back, and ya, he still has his hads up 'using the force' to make our car go!
Brock was being kind of fussy and I am like waht is the deal Brock?! Boston goes, "Ya, what are you having a bag about Brock?" I say, "do you mean 'what's your bag?' Yes, that was what he meant:)


Jessica said...

LOL, he is funny! I love all those comments. Griff on Meg's first bath he looked down at her naked and said "Oh!!! She REALLY is a girl!!" it just cracked me up!

Stephanie Cameron said...

So funny!