Friday, August 28, 2009

Knitting is Knotty

I started taking knitting classes in April with my friend Stephanie. We learned how to make a scarf and I made beanies for my boys, but this is my first project (and only project) I did completely on my own. Love fingerless gloves! I am currently working on some fun prairie boots (think Uggs) and I will post a picture when I am done. I took a class for these, but missed the last week and I am way behind and I am struggling. But onward and upward! Kitting is all part of my new creative being I am channeling lately. Yeah! Go me! Aaron makes fun of me that I am an old bitty and Boston loves it because on one of his TV shows "World Girl" the villain is granny May who knits always and does evil plots like tie people up with her knitting needles and yarn, so Boston calls me Granny May when I knit. If you feel so inspired, knitting is really fairly easy to learn and we took classes at a local yarn shop but you could probably learn online, there are tons of resources! Next up for me is crochet!

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Stephanie said...

Get your boots done so we can try out crochet!!