Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cornice Boards

My friend Stephanie and her sister-in-law Shannon made these gorgeous cornice boards for her windows and she commissioned moi to paint them! They first built and constructed them and painted them and did the diamond pattern and aged, antiqued all that good stuff. Then I painted the design on them. So fun! This has really made me feel creative. So thank you Steph! I now am inspired to do all sorts of DIY projects! Anyway, here is the finished results! I will have to have Stephanie do a tutorial on the whole thing cuz I think they turned out just fab! Oh and P.S. Stephanie's "story" of these beauties is that she bought the boards at a flea market in Paris and hired a local artisan to paint them. Tres chic no?

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Stephanie Cameron said...

You did a tre fabbu job! j/k...i don't know a cute way of saying freaking fabulous...but that is exactly what you did. Love the way they turned out...and can't wait to see them every day for the rest of my life!