Friday, August 28, 2009

Preserve your childs works of art!

At my house Boston is bringing something new home everyday from school that he has made. We love these and some go on the fridge or on his magnet board in his room, but a lot of the times, these works of art end up on the floor and then in the garbage. My mom used to save my stuff in a drawer, but that takes up a lot of room! I know some moms frame their kids work and hang them in their home, but here is what I have decided to do this year. I take a picture of all of Bostons work and at the end of the year I am making a photobook from Snapfish or something so he has an entire book of all his projects and I can throw them away now without feeling guilty. (Unless it is something really spectacular of course I will save it) I am hoping at the end of the year and in years to come it will show his progress and creativity.

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TheKeilShpeel said...

I'm doing that too:). I scan or take pics of some of my favorites and will just keep about 5 things a year but not too many. The rest is going to go in a book I'm doing from blurb.