Friday, August 7, 2009

First day of school!

Today was Boston's first day of "real" preschool at Small Wonders. It is really close, he has friends in it, and I am glad it is 3 days a week! I signed up for morning, a)to be with the other kids he was in Joy School with last year, and 2)so I would get myself up and going early ready for a productive day. Yea....that didn't happen so much...but it will!! Next time I will be showered and ready to go by 9:00am! Carpooling will be nice to for when Brock is napping, I just need to still be in the habit of getting up early even when I don't drive. Why is it so hard? I like staying up late, but even when I go to bed early I still can't get going early in the morning. Cancel! Cancel! I like ice cream! I wake up early and I seize the day! That is my new motto. So that reminds me, my friend Steph came over and I was being negative Nelly about something in my house and she had read my blog and yells at me, "Halt!...Uh, you like ice cream!" She couldn't remember cancel, I like halt though, it sounds regal or something, right? It was funny. Well, one more year and it's kindergarten, it goes so fast! I think I am not as sad because I still have a "baby" (almost 1 year is not really even a baby I was realizing when seeing Brock next to my friends newborn!) at home, but when I have my last child I will probably be crying at every milestone! I also start teaching piano again today after a summer break. Busy day! If you are not moving forward, you are moving backward so away I go! HAPPY FRIDAY!

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TheKeilShpeel said...

It's so sad these boys are growing up and going to school already. It is exciting to see them grow and learn though