Thursday, January 28, 2010

From the Happiest Place on Earth to this

We had a fabulous 8 days in sunny Disney World, we came home to snow and devastating news about Haiti. Do you ever feel almost guilty to be so blessed? I do. But then I remind myself to just be grateful and generous. The kids loved it! Despite no sleep or naps even really, they did great. My boys are such good little travelers, even on the plane!
This is our first day at Magic Kingdom riding the fairy over, you can see the castle in the background. I had never been to Disneyworld, only land, I was excited! Our place was on Disney property even though it was Wyndham resort so we just rode a shuttle verywhere, except you still had to take the fairy or monorail to MK.

Hang loose!

One of Boston's favorite rides was Buzz Lightyear, here he is with Zurg. Incidentally, I hate this ride because it is hard for me to see my laser and so I miss my target and the result is my score sucks almost as bad as the kiddos do, I am competitive and don't like to be bad at anything so this ride leaves me bitter. But, I loved the similar ride of Toy Story where you can actually see what you are doing, it was way fun, cute and amazing details, and I actually get a decent score!

Boston made me ride the tea cups two times in a row! Talk about puke, he loved it though! It was fun laughing with him on it!

Boston liked Pirates of the Caribbean it was crowded th first day we went but the last day it was a walk on because it was the middle of the week instead of a weekend, so that was nice and he wore his pirate costumes and we saw the "real" Jack Sparrow so it was fun. He loves anything guns as this picture shows.

Brock rockin' out to Playhouse Dinsey Live Onstage-he loved it, anything with music!

So Bostons favorite ride was of course Star Tours, and then he liked Pirates, Dumbo and anything like Dumbo (ie Aladdins magic carpets, Tri-cera Tops Spin) Soarin', Goofys rollercoaster, although he was freaked at first, but it was so fast he did ok, Buzz, Toy Story, all the movie ones (Fantasmic, 3D ones, etc) he was a trooper and we made him go on Space Mountain, Tower of Terror, and they pretty much tramatizaed him, he didn't cry, just was pouty after and said he "definately did not like that and had no favorite parts!" Brocks fave was Small World hands down, we rode it over and over adn he just danced! He also like Triceratops spin. We saw a really cool bird show in Animal Kingdom that everyone enjoyed and Bos liked the Safari, he wouldn't go on Expedition Everest and I thought it was way fun, but was glad we didn't have Boston go. Too intense. Good times though!

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TheKeilShpeel said...

We don't have passes right now but when we did to Disneyland.. the middle of the week was always so fun to just walk on basically everything. Looks like a great trip.