Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Got Mud?

Me and cute Brittany got stuck driving up to Girls Camp! We were driving first of all on the wrong road (that map was bogus) and then it had rained the night before but the road looked dry, we weren't sure what to think but decided to go for it, I was jokingly like, "Watch it be quicksand and we totally sink!" Oh wait...we did. We both scream and then Brett was inspired to call my cell, we both somehow had service for that instance and he rescued us! Apparently it was a total washout with a couple inches of dry dirt on top and just feet of sludge beneath! Adventure! Gotta love it!

Also, here is a (bad) picture of the "mormon cricket" in the leaders (my) tent! At least 3 inches, I thought he was going to start talking to me like some mutated grasshopper from a movie! He found a new home in the fire. And no, we didn't eat him. So it rained like crazy, I slept in a puddle of water and woke up thinking "did I pee my pants, WHY am I wet?!" And we had to leave a day early because it would not stop raining! (We just had dutch oven dessert and testimony meeting with the bishopric that night at the church instead.)
Here is Brock with my girls:

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