Monday, August 9, 2010

Ambition...Can You Handle It?

Most women never stop long enough to think through the fact that they wouldn't have so many problems if they didn't have so much AMBITION. Ambition is a natural source of drive and energy that lies somewhere in a person's psychological DNA. Women without much ambition are comfortable with staying the same and settling for less than their potential.

You however, are someone who has decided to pursue her dreams and accept the challenge to live with goals. It is not that you are better than others. You simply are someone who is living out her ambition. Ambition causes you to wake up early and then work late to meet deadlines. Ambition causes you to rise again after a repeated fall. Ambition drives you to succeed after experiencing failure.

Here are some tips and self-leadership questions to help you make the most out of your God-given ambition:

Remind yourself often that just beneath your frustration lies AMBITION. It is a resource always available to you. Self-Leadership Question: Do I stay frustrated too long?
Learn to celebrate your efforts even when the results fall short of your goals. Refusing to accept defeat and mediocrity is no small thing and you should give yourself a pat on the back on occasion. AMBITION causes you to keep your standards high and your goals strong. Self-Leadership Question: Do I celebrate my efforts or do I have a defeated mindset?
AMBITION can diminish over time if action is not taken. Although it can be restored, your AMBITION will lose its power if ignored. Self-Leadership Question: What actions should I be taking to release my ambition?

Definition: AMBITION. Noun. A cherished desire; "her ambition is to achieve her business goals." A strong drive for success.

Try to accept your Ambition and refuse to give in to mediocrity!!!

Just beneath frustration lies your Ambition! This is something to be thankful for.

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