Friday, April 9, 2010

Kids List

Kiss the kids when they fall down, read them stories, praise them when they share,teach them to be kind, to knock on a door before they enter a room, to put their toys away, to put the toilet seat down when they finish. Play Chutes and Ladders, take them to museums, the zoo and funny movies. Listen when they tell me something. Encourage them to sing, to build, to paint,to glue and paint, to hug their grandmas. Teach them to cook at least one thing, make them eat their fruits and veggies, get them in swimming lessons, let them have sleepovers with their friends where they watch movies, eat pizza and popcorn. Give them one gold dollar from the Tooth Fairy for each lost tooth. Make certain they don't choke, drown, or ride their bike-skateboard-scooter, without a helmet. Volunteer in the classroom, always be on time picking them off and dropping them off, go to extra lengths with Halloween costumes and the like, Christmas stockings, Valentines. Take them sledding and then make hot chocolate with marshmallows. Let them have an extra turn on the slide, notice when their pants get to short or their shoes get too tight, hang up their art work. Tell them every single day how much I love them.Be there for soccer goals, building sandcastles, in their classes at school. Always have them say please and thank you. Put my arms around them when they are sick, hurt or sad. This is my kids List. I love my Bos Man and Brock Star!

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