Monday, December 14, 2009

Must Be Santa...Must Be Santa...Must Be Santa, Santa Claus!

Boston had his preschool program today and here is a little excerpt. He did so great, considering he didn't even want to go to school today and sometimes gets very shy. It kills me because I was shy as a kid and hated it and so I have tried to raise Boston not to be shy, but apparently you can't fight genetics. Plus he kept yawning, probably because he wakes up so dang early! Oh well, he did super, and sang super loud, and looked super cute!!! Yay! (Also, pay no mind to my horrible recording job, I apparently can't hold my camera steady AT ALL)

His Reindeer ears kept falling down:)

Press PLAY and enjoy!

Notice how all the kids' noses are painted red except Boston and one other girls. He said he didn't want to. That is odd since he always comes home with marker all over his face or body from school saying he was Rudolph that day, or got in a battle.This is Boston's buddy Tyler. At Thanksgiving time I was there early to pick the kids up and the teacher was asking them what they were grateful for and writing it down. She asked Tyler and he said "I am thankful for Boston" So sweet! He seems to just adore Boston from day one and they are good little buddies. By the way, when Bostons was asked what he was thankful for he siad, "My mom!...and the whole class" Melt my heart!

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