Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November Visiting Teaching Message

For this months handout: Cut an apron shape out of fall scrapbook paper and put a ribbon at the top. Make the back attach so there is a puch. Put a label on the front that reads: Add the words of the prophets to your Thanksgiving Menu.

Fill the back pouch with a yummy candy and a Thanksgiving Menu tucked inside with quotes from General Conference. So it says Thanksgiving Menu Feast upon the words of the prophets (food for thought from the 2009 October General Conference)
"Allow virtue to garnish thy thoughts unceasingly." Bishop Burton
"Preperation removes fear" Elder L Tom Perry
Side Dishes
"Spirituality yields two fruits...the first is inspiration to know what to do, the second is power or the capacity to do it." Elder Richard G Scott
"If we heed his work and live the comandments, we will survive this time of wickedness." Pres. Monson
Main Course
"Because the spirit is often described as a still small voice, it is important to have a time of quiet in our lives...to allow the spirit time to whisper sweet guidance." Vicki F Matsumori
"What we love, determines what we seek. What we seek, determines what we think and do. What we think and do determines who we are and who we will become." Pres. Uchtdorf
"You need to know that nothing can seperate you from the love of Christ." Barbara Thompson
"We are invited to 'get a grip' on the iron rod and never let go!" Sister Ann Dibb
And of course, pumpkin pie!
All menu items free of charge...Considered priceless for those guests who are willing to "Come Unto Him"

Thanks you PP&G! and I hope all of you that have access to one, take time to read your Ensign this month. I always LOVE everything Pres. Uchtdorf says, so good!

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love bug momma said...

JOC! SO CUTE!! Thanks for taking your time to share....I want to copy! Love it!