Monday, November 9, 2009

Family Journal Time!

Brock still isn't walking, but he will stand up by himself, walk holing on to something, and take a step from one object to another. He says, "uh-oh" which is too adorable, and he will point to the light and say, "IGHT". That's pretty much it except mama dada and ba.
The other day in the card Aaron told Grandma that my moms dad, my grandpa "passed away" the other day. Bos pipes up from the backseat, "ya, dead!! D-E-D!" It was so funny.
At dinner last night I kept getting annoyed with Boston because he practially sits on my lap when I sit by him eating dinner, so I have to keep pushing his hands and arms aways and putting him back all the way on his own seat and he says "Mom you're like not the best mom ever!" I thought he said I was 'like the best mom ever' but I heard wrong and he says "because you won't let me touch you" Everyone at the dinner table gave me grief, but I am sorry, I need my space!
But! Another day we were watching tv and hes says "mom, I love you never-ending" So I guess that makes up for not being the best mom ever.
Brock loves to watch Dancing With the Stars, he laughs and crawls toward the Tv and claps and dances like nobody's business! So cute and funny. And I love how babies just have this innate sense to move to music, they know it instinctively. So awesome!
Last Sunday in church I had an amazing experience. A close friend had lost his baby recently after being born premature and living only 2 weeks. well, I was sitting by him and got to watch him hold and play with and love on my little guy, tears came to my eyes because I was so grateful that I had a living breathing baby, and I also cried at seeing this man so good with kids with such love and understanding and faith that he will see his baby again. My heart was so full!
We had a dinner celebrating Visiting Teaching and the bishop talked about the friendships you will make with the women you visit. How Heavenly Father puts them in our path for a reason and He has a hand in the whole process. One of my closest friends is my friend because of the Visiting Teaching program, I know God directed her to my life and it has been a blessing and I love her and I am thankful for my Father in Heaven's mindfulness of me.
Boston just informed me that he has "had the swine flu for like two weeks mom!"

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Nicole said...

Hey, I also watched as he played with Broc in Sunday School. So cute.... and I felt the same way you did. We are so blessed to have the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation! Did you guys have fun at New Moon? How did your costumes turn out?