Wednesday, January 12, 2011

MeRrY ChRiStMaS!...fiiiinally

So for Christmas Eve we did our standard dinner party with Aaron's side of the family. It was at Debbys this year. Boston and I performed a piano duet of "Up on the Housetop". So he had piano lessons to prep for last years performance and this years, with pretty much nothing in between! (Except for the piano recital that I;ll post later!) So we came home and the elves had brought jammies and we put the kids to bed. I was thinking in my head, "Should we go over any rules for Bos for tomorrow?" but figured he'd remember from last year or just figure it out. (i.e. wake up, go peel if Santa came, run in and wake us up all excited) Well, my vision did not go as planned. Here was our front work room Chrismas Eve after Santa came: We here Bos wake up at 6:30. About 6:40 I say should we let him be out there this long? And I yell for him to come in our bedroom. He runs in and says he has already opened "like, half his presents". WHAT???!!!! I was so upset! I ran in and showered and cried, while Bos fell back aslee in our bed. He slept until 8:00. Debby and Marty came over at 8:15 and we woke up the boys. This is what our front room looked like: It wasn't all that bad, and we still had the two "best" presents for the boys hidden under the piano, under a blanket. Brock was so cute, hge "got it" this year and kept saying "present!" and when he opened it he'd say "help" and take it to Grandma. We are blessed to have family that spoils us.

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TheKeilShpeel said...

oh no.. i can't believe they opened presents bfore you even woke up. :(. Looks like you had a great Christmas still.