Tuesday, November 9, 2010

KiNdErGaRtEn HaLlOwEeN PaRtY!!

I survived!Boston's Kindergarten teadher is the best ever! I love her! I was room mom for the party and we had 4 stations and food. Storytime, by Lilys mom. So fun, Mad Scentist we made Ghost Guts. The recipe is: 1 cup glue (white elmers) food coloring, then mix it with 2/3 c warm water and 2 t Borax Laundry detergent.) the kids loved it. We had pin the eyeball on the ghost game, "Don't Eat Frank!", and a mummy wrap game where you just wrap prizes in toilet paper and re-wrap it and have the kids wrap their arm up like a mummy until they get to their prize then tear it and pass it to the next kid. We did crafts with cute halloween picture frames and a fun paper bat and tottsie pop spiders with pipe cleaner legs, fuzzy head and googly eyes. Then we make popcorn/candycorn monster paws in plastic hand bags with spider rings and ate snack mix of chocolate chex, honey chex, m&m's candycorns, white chocolate chips and pretzels. We ran out of time to frost cookies, and we had a mom mix-up to make witches brew to drink. But they all got fun goody bags with Halloween stuff that wasn't candy, since they are getting enough candy!

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Nicole said...

You did an amazing job- all of it was so cute!!! The kids had so much fun!